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The first version of this list was published in 1998 - it has been revised a bit since then, and is still being updated. A few of the original links are obsolete (and removed), but some others have been added. The only criteria required for a quiz, test, rating game or selector to be listed here is that it is in some way connected with politics, be it party politics, political ideologies, political personae, etc. Most of the tests are to be taken with a grain of salt - i.e. don't let them decide 100% what to vote, or who you are - but they're quite interesting, and may give you a hint in one direction or other. Most are US-based so in order to use them, or find them interesting, you probably need to have at least some basic knowledge of and/or interest in US politics. They're still worth a try for the rest of us as well, though.

International or US political quizzes, tests & selectors





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Advocates for Self-government - a libertarian organisation - has made "The World's Smallest Political Quiz". It plots your ideological position on a Nolan-chart which can be interesting: http://www.self-gov.org/  

IdeaLog - actually an educational tool (at least it says it is) specially suited for school classes (mostly in the US) - but anyone can use it. Answer 20 questions, and your are placed in a matrix consisting of Libertarianism, Liberalism, Communitarism and Conservatism. It is inspired by The World's Smallest Political Quiz (see above): http://idealog.org/idealog.asp?ClassID=

Politopia - very good test from the Institute for Human Studies - not the most complex, but based on your answers, it tells you where you live in the imaginary country of Politopia, and also who your famous neighbours are - you can also have Politopia e-mail your friends so you can compare ideologies and places of residence.. http://www.politopia.com/quiz_index.php3
SelectSmart - you can find a whole lot of political selectors on this site (not to forget thousands of selectors of almost any other subject). Examples: Irish Politics Selector, Past Presidents, Political Roots Selector, Political Party Selector and Socialist Party Compatibility. This is the most international site of the ones mentioned here. http://www.selectsmart.com/politics.html
The F scale - this is a bit different from the other tests mentioned here - it is a replica of a survey performed in the US in 1946 by critical theorist Theodor Adorno (co-founder of the Frankfurter school of critical theory together with Horkheimer) - answer 30 questions and you get a score on the 'F Scale' which was supposed to "measure fascist receptivity at a personality level", although Adorno himself doubted the accuracy of the test. http://www.anesi.com/fscale.htm (added 02/01-2004)
The Political Compass - one of the most serious tests on the net. You are asked quite a lot of questions, and are then rated on a two-dimensional chart - you are also shown where a lot of international statesmen are placed on the same chart. This site also has a lot of background info, and they have charted the contestants in the US Democratic Primaries 2003. http://www.politicalcompass.org/
The Political Quiz Show - are you a liberal or a conservative? This one is very black & white, and refers to the US meaning of the terms. http://madrabbit.net/webrabbit/quizshow.html  
Third Party Central - Here is an old but decent test - 25 small questions, and the program will tell you how much (in percent) you sympathize with the 7 US parties that ran for election in 1998: http://www.3pc.net/matchmaker/quiz.html  
FunTrivia: Politics Trivia and Quizzes - this is an actual trivia quiz site, with a lot of quizzes in all categories. There are several hundred trivia quizzes in the Politics area alone, and they are NOT exclusively American! Register as a member, and your score will be registered on the high-score charts. http://www.funtrivia.com/quizlistgold.cfm?cat=32
Project Vote Smart - hosts a list of 10 political trivia quizzes. All of them are about US politics, though.
What Is Your Ideology - site hosted by an Alabama university, made especially for their students, but anyone can use it. Plots your position into a chart whose extremes is populism, conservatism, libertarianism and liberalism. http://webdevelop.duc.auburn.edu/spindcj/U102fa97/political/


Political Quizzes in Danish - Politiske Quizzer på Dansk!
(This site is based in Denmark, and so the rest of this page focus entirely on purely Danish political quizzes and test.)

Altinget: Test din holdning (EP-valg, 2004) - se hvilken kandidat til EP-valget du er mest enig med. En virkelig god test, men oplysninger om og data fra alle opstillede kandidater.
Informational abstract: The quizzes, tests and selectors mentioned and referred to on this page answers such questions as "What political party are you?", "To which ideology do you belong?", "Which politicians do you prefer?", "What political party do you belong to?" etc. - most of the tests and quizzes are also what can be described (in singularis) as "Political Test", "Political Quiz", "Politial Party Quiz", "Political Ideology Quiz" and to some extent also "Political Quiz Show" - they also deal with such issues as "political party compatibility", "ideological compatibility", etc. - if you know of any other similar (not identical) tests or quizzes, you are most welcome - well, even encouraged - to tell me about them.


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